Date Better with Icebreaker Dating App for iPhone Date better. Every match starts with a random
icebreaker, so you never have the same
conversation twice.


someone like you

You know what you like, so cut to the chase. Icebreaker lets you filter and browse profiles by interest, so you can find someone who likes the things that matter to you. If they like you too, it's a match!

Looking for something new? Just see everyone nearby and like the ones that catch your eye, or grab their attention by leaving them a note!

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break the ice

No more "hi how r u?" Every new match is given a randomly selected icebreaker so you never have the same conversation twice.

Answer revealing questions, draw pictures, or put your match to the test with challenges like two truths and a lie and more.

Stay Connected

with the daily newsfeed

Your matches list shouldn't just gather dust.

Each day, everyone on the app is given the opportunity to show off their unique personality and impress their matches by completing the daily icebreaker, which their matches will see in their daily newsfeed.

Get to know your matches better by browsing, liking, and replying to their answers. With the daily newsfeed, there's always an opening to connect when the time is right.

did you know...

There are no matched times in Icebreaker! So whether you matched a month ago, yesterday, or a year ago, that first message is always right on time.

Apply for early access and if you're selected we'll give you lifetime premium* access for free.

Want to get notified when Icebreaker launches in your area? Pre-signup using Facebook and we'll give you 50 bonus Charms when you download the app, and a referral code you can use to get even more signup perks when you refer your friends.

Get on the guest list and receive 50 free Charms when you download the app.
Refer an additional 2 friends and we'll give you an extra 200 Charms!
Make it a party! Refer 4 or more friends and we'll give you lifetime premium for free, plus a crazy 300 bonus Charms!
get early
the moon
on a stick*
Apply for early access and if you're selected, we'll give you lifetime premium*, 350 bonus Charms, and exclusive access to the private VIP group!
* Lifetime Premium features are in development and will not exist at launch. See FAQ for details.
* Moon not included. The Earth needs it for tides, and honestly we just don't trust you with that much power. Maybe you can have a stick though. Lots of those around.


Is Icebreaker a free app? Yes! Icebreaker is free to use. We have an in-app currency called Charms which you can use to get some added benefits, but general functionality is free for everyone.

What are Charms? Charms are Icebreaker's in-app currency and can be exchanged for advantages in the dating world.

When is Icebreaker launching? We hope to launch end of Q3 2018.

What devices will be supported at launch? Icebreaker will only be available on iPhone at launch. We hope to have an Android version sooner rather than later.

Where can I download Icebreaker? Icebreaker is currently in the final stages of testing, but you can sign up to be notified when the app is launched publicly.

What is Lifetime Premium access? Although not available at launch, Premium subscription will one day provide our VIP members with access to premium benefits such as revealing likers, pre-choosing Icebreakers, and profile analytics. Members who have been awarded Lifetime Premium access will be granted Premium subscription at no cost when the premium features are launched.

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